By using a multi-step procedure including a variety of depilation techniques, HD Brows skills can be used to create the ultimate in 'High Definition Brows'. The HD Brow Eyebrow Shaping technique is favoured by the elite of the fashion and celebrity world.

The HD Brows' look is not achieved by any one single procedure it is a combination of seven different procedures that enable the HD Brow technician to achieve the final Result. Although it may seem quite simple, HD Brow artistry is not a skill you are likely to see possessed by a typical beautician, as only someone who is truly proficient in each discipline can truly be called an HD Brows expert.

HD Brows trainers are recognised as the elite of brow shapers. They have been educated and taught by the co-founder and the UK's number one exponent in the art of HD Brows…. Nilam Patel. HD Brows guarantee to create the ultimate in brow perfection.

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